I Want Your Advice, I Just May Not Agree With It

One of the biggest struggles that I have come across since becoming a Mom is not offending others when it comes to how I choose to raise my daughter. As a new parent, you’re going to get tons of advice about what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to raising your child & if you're anything like me and by this I mean clueless, you appreciate every bit of information that is offered to you. I've never done this before so I have a lot to learn and having so many people that genuinely care about our daughters well being is amazing because it truly does takes a village. However, what has been most difficult is getting people to understand that although I took in and accepted that advice, I don’t have to agree with it. 

It’s important for others to respect your wishes for your child even if it doesn’t align with the way they are raising or have raised their own. Every child is different so what works for one may not work for another and you can’t get upset at someone for not choosing to raise their child in the manner you chose to raise yours. So please don’t expect me to always take your advice & instead understand that although I may not always agree with the parenting information I am given, I do value it because I'm able to learn from it. 

Motherhood is truly a journey and I’m more than grateful I don’t have to do it alone, but no matter the circumstance, I have my daughters best interest at heart. I know there will be plenty of people who applaud my parenting and there will also be others who will condemn it, but I know I do my best everyday so regardless of what your perception of me may be, I'm okay with that. 

It's a learning process and I'm appreciative of every teacher I have, but bare with me as I make mistakes and learn what does and doesn't work for my household. 

"I came to parenting the way most of us do, knowing nothing and trying to learn everything."

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