A New Family Tradition: Christmas Eve Box

A kids Christmas Eve box.

One thing I have enjoyed doing since being confined to my home for most of the time in the past 9 months is watching YouTube videos. I mean yes I was a YouTube addict before the current state of the world, but it's just a tad bit excessive now. While browsing aimlessly on Youtube with no end in sight I came across a few videos that suggested the idea of Christmas Eve boxes for kids. I believe this is a fairly new trend since I haven't heard much of it until now but I thought it was just the cutest idea and the perfect new tradition to start with my family. If you're unaware of what a Christmas Eve box is, it's a box filled with things that you and your family can enjoy on Christmas Eve and you can include as little or as much as you want in each box. I've seen people make one box for the entire family or separate boxes for each member of the family. I'll be doing separate boxes but including items that the entire family can enjoy together in each box.

I will say I'm not going to just hand Kaylin a box on Christmas Eve. I thought it would be a dope idea to include a letter from "Santa's elves" letting her know that they delivered the box to reward her for making it on the nice list three years in a row. Yes, I know I'm a bit extra, but she'll appreciate it and she'll also be on her best behavior for the entire day which means at the end of the night I may only need one glass of wine instead of two. 

  I purchased her Christmas Eve Box from Michaels and you can see everything that I stuffed it with below as well as direct links to those items. I also included a few suggestions for the adults which is pretty much the same as the kids, but we deserve nice things too. 

Kaylin's Christmas Eve Box

Adult Christmas Box Ideas
Christmas Pajamas
Fluffy Socks
Wine/Liquor (This is most important)
Hot Chocolate
Adult Game
Mug/Wine Glass/Whiskey Glass

I really enjoy starting new traditions with Kaylin especially inexpensive ones so this one for sure will become a yearly thing. It's easy and simple to put together but it really makes for a magical moment and & considering how rough of a year it has been, creating meaningful memories is on the forefront of my to-do list so I hope after reading this you're encouraged to do the same.


  1. What a fabulous idea! It could be made for couples, families, single...pets! Brilliant. I hadn’t heard of this trend before now. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I've never heard of this, but I absolutely love the idea! You got me over here reconsidering my method of gift giving. Lol! It does seem really similar to stocking stuffers though. Well, except for the whole concept of opening it on Christmas Eve. If I do it I would do one box to hopefully trick my family into getting along on Christmas Eve. Lol!

    1. Lol that is so smart and a friend actually just told me about mega stockings which also seems pretty cool!

  3. This is such a cute idea! I saw that someone does this on Christmas Eve with their whole family and I'm definitely adapting this

  4. Love it so much we got Beach Boy one too ! 🤣...I’ll have to type of that letter tomorrow. I enjoy reading your blogs ....California Beach House coming ...I see it 👀

    1. He's going to be happy! & thank you sis for motivating me to keep writing!