What My Three Year Old Is Getting For Christmas...A Kids Gift Guide.

Toddler on Christmas Day

If you're lost and have no idea what to get your kid for Christmas, then hopefully this post will help. I know that sometimes finding the right gifts for your kid can be a struggle especially since their interests seem to be constantly changing and or they want every toy they happen to see so I decided I would go ahead and post some of the things Kaylin is getting for Christmas that may be of interests to others. My daughter thoroughly enjoys all things Barbie and babydoll and is super into pretend play so the majority of the toys listed will be centered around that but there also some dope learning toys that are listed as well.  Enough of the talking, check out my mini gift guide below and follow the links if it's something you think is perfect for your little one or another cute kid that's in your life. :)

Some of the links listed below are affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, I receive an affiliate commission for any purchase you make using these links. Thank you!

This is a toy that she has been talking about nonstop. The doll legitimately grows up and has three different stages. It comes with accessories and also says 75+ sounds and phrases. This is a toy you want to grab immediately because they are selling out everywhere.

This is another one that was at the top of her list. It's a lot nicer and bigger than the previous Barbie closet and includes some cool features such as a full-length mirror, rotating clothing rack, and a customizable desk space. It also includes 30+ accessories with 5 outfits. This is also selling out everywhere.

This isn't something she asked for, but I thought this was the cutest doll. It's 28 inches so a little over 2ft. It's important for me to get dolls that look like her and this doll was perfect. There are a few other versions of this doll available and Amazon was the best place to find all of them.

Thought this was a pretty nice Barbie toy that will keep my baby busy. It comes with a bunch of accessories and has a lot of cool features and makes room for a ton of imaginative play which is always a plus.

This is a really nice interactive learning table for toddlers and it can grow with your child because expansion packs are available. It also flips into an easel and has storage space on the sides and underneath.

My baby fell in love with these after playing with them at my Dad's house. She loves being able to use her imagination and build whatever comes to her mind. They're for sure a kid favorite and a parent favorite as well because they'll keep the little ones busy.

This is another specific toy that Kaylin asked for. This is just one of the many sets that come in the Sweet Orchard Farm line, but it's been pretty difficult trying to find the AA dolls that go along with it. There are a bunch of dolls from this line though so you'll have plenty to choose from.

Of course, we have another Barbie toy. This the new 2020 camper and in my personal opinion it's much better than the previous version because it's more compact and also comes with more.  It transforms into a car,  boat, and house and also has a pool and 5 living spaces amongst other things.

If your child is anything like mine then you're constantly running through the house finding safe places to escape to so that you don't step in the lava & if you can relate, then this game is a must-have. I love games that the entire family can get involved in and are also easy for the little ones to understand. Since I'm pretty late posting this gift guide, this is another item that's selling out everywhere so grab it fast. 

I hope this was helpful to some of you as I know Christmas shopping can be a bit overwhelming, especially during our current times.

 If you've made it this far then you clearly love me, but since this was just a small list, I would love to know what are some things that you're getting your little ones for Christmas? Let's help some of the last-minute shoppers which is probably the majority of us.

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