My Sneaker Picks This Week 1/10

This week is heavy with a lot of new releases and I want just about every pair. One of my goals for the new year was to cut back on my spending in terms of sneakers so I'll only be picking one out of this list to cop...I think. This isn't every release that's set for the week just the releases that I'm eyeing and you'll see below that there's a theme, so if you're looking for a more inclusive list of sneaker releases, you can head to Sneaker NewsSneaker Bar Detroit or House of Heat.

Women's Nike Dunk Low "Coast"

Nike Dunk Coast
Retail: $100
Release Date: 1.14

Nike is releasing a ton of dunk colorways this year and they're not holding back this week with five different colorways set to release on the 14th. Honestly, I'm not sure which is number one on my list but the "Coast" are for sure one of my favorites of the bunch because one it's a women's release and two, this colorway is hard to pass on. 

Women's Nike Dunk High "Football Grey
Nike Dunk Football Grey
Retail: $110
Release Date 1.14

We'll get three women's releases this week from the Dunk catalog and I'm not mad about it at all. This particular colorway gives me a vintage feel, which is what I lean towards when shopping for anything so of course this is also a favorite on this week's list. I absolutely love everything about it and I'm actually going to retract my previous statement of not knowing which is my favorite of the five because these are for sure it.

Nike Dunk High "Vast Grey"

Nike Dunk Vast Grey
Retail: $110
Release Date 1.14

 The "Vast Grey" Dunks are set to release in a full family size run on the 14th, which is a plus because you can grab a matching pair for the kiddos. If you struggle with styling shoes, I would suggest this colorway as it's neutral and you can pair it with just about anything and more than likely, it'll be the easiest to get of the five.

Nike Dunk Low "UNLV"

Nike Dunk UNLV
Retail: $100
Release Date 1.14

The UNLV dunk low is a favorite of many due to the Off-White version of these that released in 2019. I love these as well, but they're one of my least favorite of the five as I just prefer the women's colorways a lot more.

Nike Dunk Low "White/Black"

Nike Dunk White/Black
Retail: $100
Release Date 1.14

The "White/Black" dunks will clearly be a go-to for many due to most of us being afraid to wear anything other than black or white. This is the only pair out of the bunch that are releasing in men, women and kids sizing so you'll be able to try cop a pair for everyone in the family.

SNS x New Balance 920

SNS New Balance
Retail: $199
Release Date 1.15

Kudos to the only sneakers that I'm interested in this week that aren't Dunks and also the only release in the list that isn't dropping on the 14th. You can head to SNS now to enter the raffle for these and grab a few pieces from the accompanying apparel collection on the 15th.

Let me know if there are any releases you're interested in this week that didn't make the list and you can check out my last post for previous picks.

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