Must-Have Skincare Products To Help Fade Acne Scars & Hyperpigmentation

If you've been keeping up with me since my first blog post, then you know acne, hormonal acne in particular, has always been a struggle for me and while that is no longer that big of an issue...hyperpigmentation and acne scars are definitely something I still struggle with. For this reason, I take a lot of time researching when choosing skincare products. Skincare is pretty pricey & it would be a shame to spend a lot of money on a product for it to have absolutely no benefit to me and what I'm dealing with. I know there's probably somebody out there that can relate so thought I'd share my updated nighttime skincare routine for those that may need it. These products have been super helpful in helping with my hyperpigmentation & scarring.

Nightime Skincare Routine
1. Tatcha The Deep Cleanse Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser- This is my favorite cleanser, it's good for all skin types & is very gentle. It goes on silky and a little goes a long way. I love how hydrated my skin feels after using it.

2. Good Molecules Niacinamide Brightening Toner- When I tell you this toner is a game changer for those of us that struggle with uneven skin tone & hyperpigmentation. It is also very helpful with keeping skin clear & as well as your skin youthful.

3. CeraVe Eye Repair Cream- This is really helpful with dark eye circles and helps reduce their appearance and also works well for puffiness.

4. Good Molecules Discoloration Correcting Serum- I absolutely love this serum. I believe it has probably been the main reason that I've been able to fade scarring. Not only does it help fade any current acne scars/hyperpigmentation but it also helps prevent future hyperpigmentation from occurring. 

5. Fenty Skin Instant Reset Brightening Overnight Recovery Gel-Cream with Niacinamide - This is one of those products that I thought I would hate but ended up loving. It helps lock in hydration and also like the other products mentioned above it is helpful with evening out your complexion. You feel a difference in your skin upon immediate use of this.

6. Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask- I use this product twice weekly, it's a really gentle exfoliant and it really does give your skin a glow. My skin also feels super soft the following morning after using it. It can also be used as a wash off mask but I have only ever used it as an overnight mask which I think is more beneficial.

7. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask- Okay so this clearly has nothing to do with hyperpigmentation, but it's the last step in my nighttime routine and is the best lip mask I've ever used. I would not have survived a Chicago winter without it. Your lips will thank you!

Skincare is self care so I really recommend everyone to get to know their skin types and what works best for them. If you've been struggling with the issues I have then I hope these suggestions were helpful. Be sure to remember that consistent is key with any skin care routine so don't expect immediate results. Also, if you're already using other products be sure to consult your dermatologist first before adding anything new on.

Let me know some of your favorite skincare products in the comments! & if you've used any of those listed, how did they work for you?

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